Welcome to my website, which is a shameless plug for projects I'm working on and a way to peddle stuff.

I studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, and film and photography at the St. Joost Academy of Fine Art. I produce features for radio and podcast, films, sound works and writings. From very short (1 min) to any length. Mainly documentary and essayistic, and to a smaller extent fiction. I like to mix things up. Many of my works are idea-story driven.

My credits include wonderful radio documentaries for VPRO Toendra; the much acclaimed Dutch Public Radio shows Plots and the 1 minutes; radio plays for Woord.nl; my films screened at networks, cinemas, festivals and galleries; such places as Best of IDFA on tour, SXSW, Porto Bello Festival, Cologne Conference and Dutch Public Networks.

Nominated for Prix Europa in 2016 with radio-essay North (NPO radio doc) and in 2015 with radio play Föhnkrankheit . In 2013 the radioshow VPRO Plots was awarded the Zilveren Reissmicrofoon (Nipkow) and a Jan Kassies Stimuleringsprijs. In 2009 my first long documentary film Calling E.T. screened at SXSW, TopTen Cologne international Film & Television Conference and the Best of IDFA on tour. In 2002 his short doc 'A night with Michael' was awarded a Golden Olive.





I produce features for podcast, radio, internet, tv, festivals, cinema and various organizations. Very short (1 min) to any length. Story driven documentaries and fiction.

Email for enquiries or dialogue.