[English / Nederlands ]

Radio story, audio essay. 23 min Documentary and fiction. Supported by Open Woorden, Dutch Mediafund, Woord.nl

This radio story is a mix of four personal documentary stories about washing ashore, and one segment in which the science behind flotsam is explored by a fictional character - based on actual research.

By several personal stories we meander through different flood marks. We stumble upon a cargo ship full of handsome young Turks, a gruesome find inside a white sneaker, a cryptic message in a bottle and the logic of floating. Washing ashore rearranges life. The water pulls things apart and joins people together. But is flotsam a gift? Or a leftover from the ocean?

Music Roald van Oosten. Mix Arno Peeters.

With: Marleen Stoltz, René Dijkstra, Sjoerd Boonstra, Jikke Visser, Teun Talsma, Pita en Willy Bouwman, Coba Harthoorn, Bettie Klabbers, Seitje Blaauwiekel, Greet de Pater, Remkje Bouman-Visser, Roel Westerhof, Edwin Emmens en Salih Türker.

Thanks to Hanneke van Schuylenburg, Esma Linneman, Jennifer Peterson, Hilbert de Vries, Magda Augusteijn, Eric Augusteijn en De bewoners van Schiermonnikoog.