[English / Nederlands ]

Audio story on the wind and unexpected side effects. Mix fiction and documentary 25 min.

Nominated for for Prix Europa 2015

Four different personal stories interwoven into one.prixeurope Listen (and watch) to this radio story subtitled in English via Vimeo, click here!

Thread of this story is the fictionalized account of the aeronaut (balloonist) Gaston Tissandier, who in 1875 was one of the first explorers to sail into the unknown territory of our earth’s atmosphere. With the aid of the at that time high-tech helium balloons, Gaston set out to map the different currents and winds. But Gaston soon discovers that not only the wind god Boreas is whimsical, but also his travel companion captain Sivel. Next to this fictionalized story we hear three documentary stories; present-day personal accounts about the beauty and horror of the wind. Like a child-robbing mountain wind, the bliss induced by the spell of bad weather and the infamous Swiss Föhn wind. During the Föhn there is an increase in traffic accidents, heart disease, migraines, insomnia and suicide attempts. This is colloquially referred to as Föhnkrankheit.

With Lucas de Man as aëronaut Gaston Tissander and Hidde Simons as captain Sivel. Further: Marco van Heerde, Toos Linneman, Rudolf Nägerli, Helen Ochsenbein, Kaspar Ott, Simon Von Weissenfluh and Walter Von Weissenfluh.

Special thanks to: the Föhn guard of the village of Guttannen, Gasthof Bären, Magda Augusteijn, Titus Dürst, Liesbeth Prins and Studio Vermeer.

Music Zeno van den Broek, Research Netherlands Esma Linnemann, Production Switzerland Titus Dürst.

Made for, VPRO Dutch Public Radio Network. Supported by the ‘Open Woorden’ program of the Dutch Cultural Media Fund 2014.