[English / Nederlands ]

Radio essay, documentary 38 min. NTR 2016. nominated for Prix Europa 2016

prixeuropa2016Different personal stories about the meaning of the north. For some the north is source of inspiration, a safe haven, a place of gruesome dreams, an economic model, a difference in height, and at times the north can be straightforward violent and cruel. Ultimately this radio story hopes to arrive at that place where one can not go north. At that point where the earth rotates around its axis; the North Pole itself.


With: Baban Kirkuki, Fadi Haddad, Sigrid van Essel, Paul Mbikayi, Doortje en Bart Dallmeijer, Marit Törnqvist, Edmond Ofner, Monique Appels, Wilco van Rooijen, Hans van der Meulen.

Thanks to: Jorien Bakker van Staatsbosbeheer, Esma Linnemann, Marjan Broers, Stef Visjager.

Commissioning Editor NTR: Jair Stein.