Documentary essayistic film, 20 min EPTAS "Every picture tells a story" Dutch Filmfund 2003

Shine Competition, National Media Museum Bradford International Film Festival 2004 / Dutch Filmfestival 2003/ Theatrical release Docuzone "Kort & Goed" 2004

What day did the world came closest to its end? Most probably on Wednesday January 25, 1995. On this day in January Eric Cantona kicked a suporter in the head, storms and flooding caused damage across Europe, Selma woke up from her breast implant operation and for the first time in history Jeltsin opened his atomic suitcase. A doomsday dress rehearsal without us knowing.

Supported by the Dutch National Film Fund, Produced by IJswater Films.

Crew: Camera Rob Hodselmans, Sound Eddy de Cloe, Mix Jeroen Goeijers, Editor Jonathan Mechanicus, Producers Marc Bary & Erik Schut.