Narrative features for radio, podcast, festivals, tv and cinema. Documentary, essay, audiotours and fiction. From 1 min to any length.  Browse my Vimeo and Youtube channels for clips, trailers and promo’s. Or use search option, top right, for extensive info. Not all projects are in English or translated. 


Brief overview projects radio, podcast, tv, cross media. (writings excluded) 

2018                Radio documentary project KOLK on climate change. NTR RadioDoc/ NPO Fonds.

2017                Radio documentary Burger Buttplug. NTR Radio 1 network. On art in public spaces and its often troublesome relation with the public.

2017                Documentary audio essay Prosperdorp, Dutch Media Fund. VPRO network. Radio essay on a village where everyone is called Prosper.

2016                Audio fiction Steenpaal with Wederik De Backer. Dutch Media Fund, Oorzaken festival, De Buren Brussels. 

2016                Radio essay Noord. NTR, nominated for Prix Europa. In search of the location and meaning of the north.

2016                Documentary maker for Het leven, een gebruiksaanwijzing. Short doc series. Dutch Media Fund, VPRO network. Unusual solutions for banal problems.

2015                Audio essay Flotsam. Documentary and fiction. Dutch Media Fund, A story about washing ashore.

2015                Audio story Föhnkrankheit, Fiction and documentary. Dutch Media Fund, Nominated for Prix Europa. A stroy about the wind.

2015                Audio tour Paradiso. Soundlands Amsterdam. 

2015                Documentary maker for Toendra. Podcast and short doc series. Dutch Media Fund, VPRO. 

2014                Audio tour Zeezand. Soundlands, VSB Fonds, SNS REAAL Fonds & Nationaal Park Schiermonnikoog. 

2014                Radio doc Sigarenkist. NTR Radio 1 network. A documentary about a lost and found box with hand written letters. 

2012 – 2013     Artistic-social research Krot of Kans. Het Instituut, CBK Zeeland , No Academy, Het Zeeuwse Gezicht & BNA Kring Zeeland.  

2010 – 2013     Radio maker for Plots. Radio doc series and podcast. Dutch Media Fund, VPRO. Winner Zilveren Reiss Microfoon (Nipkow for radio), Jan Kassies Award. Nominated for De Tegel, Prix Europa en Prix Italia. Remarkable but true stories. 

2010 – 2013     Several radio stories for 1 minuut series. VPRO & NTR, Dutch Media Fund. Winner Special Prix Europa 2008 and Prix Europa 2013..

2012                WANDERLUST, photo serie about meandering. Exposition OBA Amsterdam. “Not all those who wander are lost.”

2011                Radio doc Hemelse noten, De Avonden, VPRO. Story about Beethoven’s confusing tempi and my uncle, the Dutch conductor Harke de Roos, who believes he has found the solution.

2011                Short doc Alien Bits, Best Interpretation of the Art Monastery Venn diagram, Art Monastery festival, Italy.  

2008                Documentay film Calling E.T.. Dutch Film Fund, the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund and Cobo Fund. Theatrical release Best of IDFA on tour Amsterdam 2009/ nominated at Portobello Filmfestival London/ TopTen Cologne international Film & Television Conference 2009/ SXSW festival 2009 / Most watched Dutch Docs on Hollanddoc. Philosophical thought experiment: how we humans should present ourself in case we would make contact with our our galactic neighbours?

2008                Short experimental film Automat. Amsterdam Fund for the Arts & Thuiskopie Fund. Busho festival Budapest, Granada Filmfestival, Dutch Filmfestival, Open Air Kino Hafen 2, Offenbach, Culture Unplugged. Film about talking machines.

2006                Series of short internet videos Postcards from the continent. Cooblae. Thuiskopie Fund. Shadow Festival. Film bricolage of documentary observations, field recordings, micro essay’s and sound design. 

2005                Short fiction film M. DE FONTGIBU & DE PLUMPUDDING. IJswater Films. Dutch Film Fund. Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. International Slow Food on Film, Italië / Raindance Film Festival London / Nederlands Filmfestial Utrecht / International Bunker Festival Italië / Dutch Open, de Balie, Amsterdam. 

2003                Documentary essay film 25/01/95. Theatrical release Docuzone “Kort & Goed” 2004. Dutch Film Fund. Shine Competition, National Media Museum Bradford International Film Festival, Dutch Film Festival. Story about the day the world came closest to an end. What did this doomsday dress rehearsal look like?

2002                Short Doc, X. Cooblae Films, VPRO Waskracht. Kort doc in search of my telephone stalker.

2002               Short doc film A night with Michael. Golden Olive Award International Bunker Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Portobello film festival Londen, Caught in the spotlight exhibition Alameda, CA, Rooftop festival New York. Short doc on a small group of groupies under the hotel window of the King of Pop.

1998              Short documentary, Lorenzo & Daniel, part of ‘Ik ben Boos’project, VPRO, winner Dutch Academy Award 1998.