M. de Fontgibu & de plumpudding

M. DE FONTGIBU & DE PLUMPUDDING   Fictie film gebaseerd op het waargebeurde verhaal van de franse schrijver Emile Deschamps, die elke keer als hij plumpudding eet een zekere meneer de Fontgibu tegenkomt.   Lengte: 11,33 min/ Taal: Nederlands-Engels Formaat: HDcam/ pro 35 adapter/ 16:9 progressive scan Digital Cinema format   cast: Henri Garcin, Aus Greidanus [...]

A night with Michael

A NIGHT WITH MICHAEL Short doc, s8mm film, 7 min. Golden Olive Award International Bunker Festival 2002, Italy. / Schieblok International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011/ Portobello film festival Londen 2009 / Caught in the spotlight” exhibition Alameda, CA 2009/ Rooftop festival New York 2009. Somewhere in the 20th century; Michael Jackson opens a hotel window and [...]


25/01/95 Documentary essay film, 20 min EPTAS “Every picture tells a story” Dutch Filmfund 2003. Shine Competition, National Media Museum Bradford International Film Festival 2004 / Dutch Filmfestival 2003/ Theatrical release Docuzone “Kort & Goed” 2004. What day did the world came closest to an end? A film about an ordinary Wednesday in January. "Every moment [...]

Postcards from the continent

POSTCARDS FROM THE CONTINENT video/ 9 x 2min/ Cooblae 2006 Postcards from the continent is a film bricolage of short banal observations based on a zoo of silly thoughts. Much similar to what most women carry in their handbags, much of it is useless, just a few essential items and much that falls in between. [...]


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Calling E.T.

CALLING E.T. Documentary film, 54 and 60 min Best of IDFA on tour Amsterdam 2009/ nominated at Portobello Filmfestival London 2010/ TopTen Cologne international Film & Television Conference 2009/ SXSW festival 2009 / Most watched Dutch Docs on Hollanddoc 2009 A philosophical thought experiment; what if we make contact with our galactic neighbours? Should (or [...]


AUTOMAT film/ 16mm/ black & white/ 7 min We whisper tender words to our coffee machines, swear at inattentive automatic doors and encourage old rust-buckets. We often talk to the apparatuses that surround us. But they seldom reply! Machines who do are fascinating. Supported by Thuiskopie Fonds and Amsterdam Art Fund Music: Jeroen Goeijers Thanks [...]