About Prosper

Prosper de Roos is a documentary maker and philosopher who teaches, writes and produces cross-media features (audio, podcast and video). His work explores stories at the intersection of humanity, ecology and philosophy.


Prosper teaches, coaches and advises on philosophy and storytelling. From participatory DIY workshops, lectures to philosophical walks. His philosophical interests include humanism, ecology and the art of living. His storytelling expertise centers on storytelling for radio, podcast and film. How do you tell a compelling story?

For clients like: Humanist Alliance, HKU Academy, Avans Higher Education, St. Joost Academy, Vrije Academie, Artez Higher Education, NPO Fund, Oorzaken Festival, Queer Faces Migrant Voices, Dutch Directors Guild, Crea University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University, Docfest Maastricht.

Media projects

Prosper develops and produces non-fiction media projects. Like audio works, podcast, documentaries, video and cross-media. His work explores stories at the intersection of humanity, society, nature and philosophy.

His works featured at: Prix Marulic, Prix Europa Berlin, Best of IDFA on tour, SXSW festival, Public Broadcasters, TopTen Cologne international Film & Television Conference, Best Doc Portobello Filmfestival London, Golden Olive Award Bunker Festival, Dutch Academy Awards, National Media Museum Bradford, Schieblok IFFR and Rooftop Festival New York.